In light of the Corona Virus outbreak, we at Polished Salon are taking numerous precautions to safeguard everyone’s health.
We are receiving information hourly and we will continue to follow protocol.
This virus IS NOT transmitted via airborne, It’s by surface and touch. But we have to be careful if someone sneezes or coughs.
We are cleaning all our services in the salon and wiping down all areas. We have disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes for all our customers.
To keep everyone healthy and out of danger, if you are sick, have a fever and hadn’t received testing , please reschedule your appointment after 14 days.
If you have traveled please again book your appointment for 14 days out.
The elderly are most susceptible so please if your not feeling well please re-schedule your appointment.
For everyones’ protection it is best if we all keep our contact down to small crowds.
So please remember to wash your hands severals time through the day.
Thank you, your friends at Polished.

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